• Katie Jaeger

Mama's Just Relaxin'

I see you over there relaxin'. No, I don't mean in your sweatpants on the couch with a cozy blanket either. I'm talking about hormones. Relaxin' is your best friend, trust me. This hormone is responsible for...wait for it...relaxing. Pretty easy assumption right? What does that mean though? What exactly is being relaxed? It surely isn't you with the amount of discomfort you're in. It's difficult to just relax on the couch with those sweats and that cozy blanket when you can't even maintain being comfortable for longer than five minutes.

Relaxin actually is gently and continuously relaxing the ligaments in your body, including the ligaments in & around your pelvis. Ligaments are the tissues that connect your bones to each other and help to support and protect your joints. Relaxin's job is to allow the joints in your pelvis to spread ever so slightly, giving baby just enough room to wiggle out. Pretty cool right?

You might have noticed the other joints in your body getting pretty achy over the weeks. Go ahead and thank Relaxin for that too. Sometimes it can go a bit overboard and relax many of the ligaments throughout your entire body. Don't worry though, as soon as your baby is in your arms the levels of Relaxin in your body starts to decrease. This means that your joints will feel like normal again before you know it.

With all of the different aspects of bringing a new life into this world, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Never be afraid to reach out and lean on your support network. If you'd like to learn more visit our Classes page or follow the link below.