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What do you do when sh*t hits the fan?

Katie Jaeger Admin · 1m ·

What do you do when sh*t hits the fan? . Do you crumble or do you rise? . Or are you like me and do both? . I will always be true to myself, I will always be unapologetically me. This goes for my personal life and my life's work. Part of that is being transparent. Which is really hard but I will never ever claim to be perfect or claim that I always have my sh*t together. Chances are, I don't. I am human. I am a mom. I live a regular life. Sh*t hits the fan....frequently. . I think that the way we respond to these big changes is what makes us different. Charles R. Swindoll has an incredible quote that I remind myself of daily: . "Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it." . Yesterday my husband and I were informed that the house we are currently renting (along with our entire neighborhood) will be demolished by the city after January 31st and that we must be moved out by then. . Words can't even describe the sheer amount of panic I felt. Christmas is just around the corner. What the f*ck are we going to do? . I allowed myself to experience all of the emotions. The fear, the panic, the worry, the sadness, all of it. But only for about an hour. After that, I accepted it. I realized that this is one of those crucial life moments where I get to choose my 90%, and I sure as sh*t didn't want it to feel like it had for the past hour. Sh*t happens. Such is life. . I opened my laptop, went to google, and searched "homes for rent near me". Within an hour I had scheduled two walk throughs for houses that somewhat met our needs. Two hours later we met with the realtor for the first house. It wasn't the greatest. It was small, it was really outdated, it had basically no yard, but if it came down to it, we could make it work, if only for a while. . Then we met with the homeowner of the second house. My God, it all fell into place. The woman who owns the house is by far the sweetest woman I have ever met. The yard is HUGE and wooded, which is perfect for our outdoorsy boys. The house is simple, yet beautiful. It is technically only a two bedroom, but we were able to work out a deal with the owner to convert another area of the house into a 3rd bedroom. It ended up being everything we needed. We filled out the application right there. We get to go pay the deposit on it today. . I was able to wake up this morning at peace. I'm no longer fearful, no longer panicked, no longer sad and no longer worried. . I let myself feel all of the emotions for a brief amount of time. Then I buckled down and chose how I reacted. I didn't allow the sh*t show to take away my peace. . "Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it." . How do you react?

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